All Preparation Equipment specialise in providing machines that enable concrete floor preparation and they wanted to partner with a company with a successful track record in providing a reliable power supply.

Objective/ Challenges-

  • All Prep were preparing a 40 year old car park for a showroom and needed to operate a 11kw remote control Schwanborn machine with a high frequency driver panel and a 4kw vacuum.
  • Power equipment that can easily be transported on utes and via doorways, elevators etc
  • Inconvenience in moving big box generators.
  • Using both single phase and three phase power
  • Capability of operating high frequency equipment


10, 16 kVA range of power generators


  • Ability to bring power to the job instead of job to power
  • Operating both single and three phase equipment. 11kw remote control Schwanborn machine using high frequency driver panel with a 4kw vacuum.
  • The 16kVA ran this pairing on its own from 40grit cut of 40 year old concrete car park, through 7 passes of grind/polish to finish on 3000grit resin pads.
  • In addition to the generators, Makinex have recently launched 23kVA range of power generators. Worlds most compact generator of its power and winner at World Of Concrete for Most Innovative Product. void the hassle and expense of oversized SKID and towable generators. With the world’s smallest 23kVA generator, you can put 30A of 3-phase 415V power exactly where you need it.

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