Australian Houses Are Getting Smaller!

Australia’s freestanding house footprint has shrunk to its smallest size in nearly 20 years. According to Comsec Home Size Trends Report, the average size of an Australian freestanding house has fallen to 17-year low.

Canberra takes the lead with the biggest houses according to data commissioned by CommSec from ABS. The comes Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland. NSW, our most populous state, is now home to houses which are 10 % smaller than VIC.

The average floor area of a new detached built in Australia in 2015/16 was 231m2, down from a record 247.7m2 in 2008/09. Meanwhile, over in the states, the US census bureau reports that average size of a new single-family house in 2015 was 249.6m2.

There are many reasons houses are getting smaller, including changing demographics, smaller blocks and affordability issues.

How does these trends affect you?

Larger homes on smaller blocks have resulted in restricted access to the backyard, which can limit the type of machinery you have available for a job. Tools like the wheelbarrow can be used in such tight access places, however the wheelbarrows are slow and labor intensive . Specially on a rough terrain they can prove very hard to use!

How The Cormidi Helps With The Trends?

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