Makinex giving back to the drought affected farmers

Over the years Makinex has donated to charities that do great work in our communities, and this year is no different. We felt it was important to support our rural friends that are experiencing a one in hundred year drought putting great pressure on them to deliver the produce we all enjoy.

We decided to support the Country Women’s Association branch in Gunnedah located in Northwest NSW area, as they have been hot hard by the drought.

Her small group of volunteers cooks cakes to sell at a weekly cake stall in town among other things raising money so they can directly offer support back to the local Gunnedah community.

With the money raised by Makinex, the CWA plan to spend the money on food and fuel vouchers, car registrations, school fees, and rural supplies, and helping to pay for chemist and electricity accounts for farmers doing it tough.

Joel Baker and Stuart Reynolds drove to Gunnedah last week to present a cheque and enjoyed the local countryside and freshly baked cakes.

Makinex Finalist in National Safety Awards

Last week (15th Oct 2018) Makinex become a finalist in Category 2A: Best solution of a WHS Risk (Small Business ) at the National Safety Awards of Excellence Gala Luncheon held last week.

It was attended by Paul Weaver (Managing Director) and Matthew Cape (Design Manager)

This was for the Powered Hand Truck, and amazing safety product helping people safely pick up products up to 140kg.

We have our fingers crossed for the finals being announced soon.



Makinex announces new North American Headquarters

Due to the explosive and continued growth, Makinex has relocated its US headquarters in Southern California!

We are still in Sydney Australia for the main headquarters, but our US side of the business is seeing massive growth.

Makinex has been in business since 2004, with the main headquarters located in Sydney Australia. Since then, Makinex has grown to over 50 employees in 3 countries and is only going to get bigger! The North America headquarters has been located in Redondo Beach since its inception in 2015.  The company was in a shared office space environment where the expansion of the business continually exceeded the amount of space available.

Since 2015, Makinex has successfully been able to help several businesses overcome the challenges of efficiency, safety and productivity.

The new headquarters enables the business to accommodate clients more effectively and efficiently.  The building is designed to MAKE INEFFICIENCIES EXTINCT, which is the motto Makinex lives by.  We have included advanced technology, green initiatives, and most importantly, a better way to serve our clients and staff.

“This is such an exciting time for Makinex and marks a huge milestone for the company!  The employees and customers will all greatly benefit from this move, and we couldn’t be more proud.” – General Manager, Peter Maginnis.

According to Operations Manager, Brandy Carmona, “The new space absolutely mirrors one of our biggest company values: innovation.  We will without a doubt improve on our promise to deliver innovative, quality solutions to the market, making our clients lives easier and more efficient!”.

The new address is 4232 Artesia Boulevard, Torrance, CA, 90504

and if you wish to contact the USA team you can via the US website

New Office Makinex

Interview with Jeff Durgin about Generators

RER speaks with Jeff Durgin, global product manager at Makinex, about new generator technology, hurricane season, and the five pieces of information a rental company should know to take proper care of a generator customer.

RER: What is new technologically for your company in generators?

Durgin: Makinex is proud to offer the first of its kind — portable generators that can produce both three-phase and single-phase power, simultaneously. These small form units produce power via permanent magnets as opposed to traditional copper windings. As a result, we produce as much as 15 percent more wattage per horsepower than conventional copper-wound units. The patented embedded permanent magnet design eliminates the need for complex electronic controls so there is less to malfunction.

Other benefits include:

  • Superior motor starting – motor starting capability is 3.5 times rated capacity.
  • Single- and three-phase power – The ability to start single- and three-phase motors simultaneously.
  • 30 percent smaller footprint – allows us to pack big power in a small package.
  • Parallel operations – Run certain model generators in parallel using basic phase matching controls only.
  • Three-year warranty on engine and alternator.

There are five key pieces of information you will need to know when your customer calls to ask if a generator will power his equipment


Unsafe work practices putting Tradies lives at risk

Unsafe work practices on construction sites are becoming a real worry for tradies.

AUSSIE tradespeople are lifting the lid on a number of dodgy practices within the industry which could be putting lives at risk.

LAST month, reported on an alarming spike in young, fit tradespeople being struck down by a deadly disease right across the country.

A recent increase in cases of silicosis — a progressive, incurable condition so dangerous it has been dubbed “the new asbestos” — has even sparked calls for a national ban on dry cutting techniques in workshops.

Makinex takes safety very seriously and especially dust suppression – see our Hose 2 Go product here 


Tradies take better care of their tools than health – new research

We recently read this interesting article about Tradies looking after their tools more than their health.

Many Makinex products improve site safety and allow tradies to work more efficiently

Read this interesting article posted today by Roads and Infrastructure

Australian tradies are almost twice as likely to take good care of their tools as their bodies, despite having one of the highest injury rates of any occupation, according to research from the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).

The Empirica Research survey, commissioned by the APA, reveals that 79 per cent of tradies report taking good care of their tools compared to just 47 per cent who took good care of their bodies.

Nearly two thirds (64 per cent) of tradies said they had been injured in their current job and half of these said they expected to be injured again.

APA National President Phil Calvert says tradies are prone to a range of injuries as a result of the intensity and repetitive nature of their work, yet many don’t seek help early enough, or at all.

“Many tradies are not seeking treatment or are delaying treatment until their injury becomes a much bigger and more complex issue,” Mr. Calvert said.


Read full article here 

Powered Hand Truck – Protecting work forces everywhere

They didn’t even break a sweat

Darren Tomlinson from LVB Electrical Engineers in the UK recently purchased a Makinex Powered Hand Truck to remove 230kgs of circuit breakers from their van into the substation.

This previously difficult, time consuming and dangerous job was undertaken easily and quickly, without any engineers breaking a sweat or hurting their backs.

“Great but of Kit , LVB investing in the welfare of our engineers”

To find out more check out PHT website page for more information 


Soil removal for tight access excavation

As professional excavators, you understand a big part of the process is the removal of soil which is time consuming, expensive and hard work.

Adding to this are sites becoming more difficult to access as property development evolves to meet the rising population and housing demand. Gone are the days where site access was easy and housing blocks were spacious. Houses are being tightly compacted into smaller blocks making it more difficult for builders to access the backyard.

As Brian Holloway from Brian’s Tight Access excavations said, “Space between houses used to be 1200mm but now access is limited to only 800m. …making it even more difficult to remove the soil in a fast and efficient manner”.

So, what are the options?

You could spend loads of time and money having guys wheelbarrow the soil day or you could or invest in a machine that can help you move soil more efficiently which is precisely what Brian did.

Many years ago Brian purchased his first Cormidi mini Dumper from Makinex.

At just 700mm wide, It’s a perfect machine for tight access work with a tipping point of 1.45m. This enables you to tip straight into skip bins, utes and 3 to 5 tonne trucks.

The Result?

Because of his investment into Cormidi, Brian has developed a reputation for himself as a cost-effective specialist in excavating within tight access residential properties saving time and money which has created many happy customers along the way.

“One of our dumpers is 1000mm so we invested in two Cormidi 60’s, which are only 700mm wide. It’s an essential asset for us as the blocks are getting smaller, and some even have two houses on only 450sqm.” Every millimetre is precious when maneuvering between houses, making the Cormidi Dumpers a real asset to Brian’s business.

Stuart and Rob will be at Diesel Dirt and Turf this year showcasing the Cormidi range of dumpers so come and have look! They will be at Stand 1A and will have some fun things to keep the kids busy while you talk shop!

Alternatively, if you would like us to tell you more or conduct a demonstration on how a Cormidi can help maximise your excavating efficiency, call 1300 795-953 or contact us here.

Now in stock JHT in two different versions – Make sure you have the correct version

Please be advised that we now stock the Makinex Jackhammer Trolley in two completely boxed different versions.

JHT-U is the version for Bosch, Makita, Hitachi and others (Universal).

JHT-H is the version for Hilti.


(images below show the mounting difference between two units)

home-depot-adds-jackhammer-trolley-to-rental-storesThere are still Hilti block sets available for anyone wishing to retrofit and existing Universal to a Hilti unit

For further information please contact



Makinex Parallel Box successfully providing power to the concrete grinding and polishing industry!


Until recently, concrete grinders and polishers only had the choice of Pantech or Trailer Mount generators to power their machines and these options don’t always provide power to where you need it.

Makinex has recently launched the innovative Makinex Parallel Box that works in conjunction with Makinex Generators to provide machines with 20kva to 32kVA of power for where and when you need it.

Problem Solving

A key challenge for work sites can be restricted and/or tight access and large stationary generators don’t have the flexibility to move around to where you need power.

In addition to this, you want to be able to transport and park all your machinery so it’s easily accessible and hence a compact power supply is crucial.

The Makinex Research and Development (R&D) team recognised the industry needed another larger kVA generator option which was compact and portable.

Nathan from Makinex R&D had this to say; “We wanted to create a power source that could service heavy duty equipment. This power source needed to be flexible, be generally less expensive than larger units to buy, transport and store as well as being highly portable.”

This led to the creation of the Makinex Generator range and Makinex Parallel Box.

This video shows how the Makinex Parallel Box combines the power from 10kVA and 16kVA to operate a 3 phase concrete grinder and single phase dust extractor.


Commercial photography of Makinex machines and parts for product catalogue


Makinex Generators are the most compact and portable power supply systems available in today’s market ensuring you have power where and when you need it.

They’re available in 6kVA, 10kVA and 16kVA and contain the revolutionary Magnetic Flux Technology which provides less than 3% harmonic sinewave distortion.

Commercial photography of Makinex machines and parts for product catalogue

The innovative Makinex Parallel Box enables you to combine the power of the Makinex 10kVA and 16kVA generators in any configuration generating between 20-32kVA with any single and/or 3 phase outputs.

Comprehensive field testing with the Makinex Generator range has proven its ability to respond to varying power loads over long periods of time for a range of both large and small machines.


The Makinex Generator range and Makinex Parallel Box provides you with a portable power supply that can withstand variable loads over long-running periods for an extensive range of leading brands.


To find out more, contact or visit us at

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