Makinex Challenges the Hire Industry

HIRE22, the country’s only national trade show for the Hire industry, was held from the 25 – 26 May in Adelaide, SA. So much has changed and yet so much has stayed the same, 2022 showed that the Hire Industry is ready to come out and play.

HIRE22, the country’s only national trade show for the Hire industry, was held from the 25 – 26 May in Adelaide, SA. It was a huge success, bringing together hire and rental business owners, managers and staff from around the country. It is clear that the Hire industry is thriving and there was an eagerness to learn about anything and everything new in the market.

For Makinex the event is always one where new products are unveiled to gauge industry feedback. This year was no exception, with a clear and determined focus on renewable energy options. “The move generally is to implement more sustainable options across the construction industry, and we’re keen to test this attitude within Hire,’ says National Sales Manager, Stuart Reynolds. ‘We aren’t saying you must transition to alternative solutions now, but we’re asking the question ‘What is your plan?”.

“The move generally is to implement more sustainable options across the construction industry, and we’re keen to test this attitude within Hire.”

National Sales Manager, Stuart Reynolds

Makinex is known for supplying a range of portable and compact generators that remain, even now in high demand. However, more and more technology is being developed that is shifting away from fossil fuels. “The global economic environment has changed dramatically with price hikes and supply shortages across the board, but diesel fuel pricing is crippling businesses and there is no option but to look for ways to save,” says Managing Director, Paul Weaver.

Traditional power is generated with a Diesel generator on the left, vs. a portable battery power box on the right.

At HIRE22, Makinex had significant interest shown in its new prototype Portable Power Box (PPB), a single phase 5 kVA power source capable of providing 4000 W continuously. The PPB is an acknowledgement of this global shift to sustainable power and the first of a wider range of battery products.

The Hybrid Power System (HPS) was another Makinex innovation-leading product showcased, combining solar panels, high capacity batteries and a backup diesel generator. It is capable of providing reliable, sustainable power to remote areas or anywhere that relies on diesel generator power. The HPS starts from a 10 kVa model and extends up to 60 kVa, depending on the job requirements.

Managing Director, Paul Weaver had this to say about Makinex’s continued efforts toward innovation, “We always try to challenge traditional thinking and traditional work methods and HPS shows that we can apply that thinking to any industry or application. With HPS, customers are seeing as high as a 95% reduction in diesel fuel consumption, which is just an amazing result.”

HPS is at the cutting edge of renewable, consistent power to remote locations or where mains power is unavailable.
HPS (pictured right) powers construction site sheds and communications.

Over the two days, HIRE22 gave Makinex and all its Exhibitors a rich environment to network and keep in touch with industry developments. It demonstrated that the industry is on the lookout for sustainable, cost-saving product solutions that break the historical dependency on fossil fuels. Right now, renewable energy is so much more accessible and as Stuart Reynolds questioned earlier, “what is your plan?”

The Hire & Rental Industry Association is to be congratulated for putting on such a successful event.

Hybrid Power System revolutionizing power solutions for construction sites

Makinex was tasked with providing site power solution for a 132kV Substation & Transmission Line. The substation was built to connect the 120MW Gunnedah east solar farm to the network grid.

The challenge

The challenge was providing a reliable and temporary solution to power the site facilities 24/7 and the substation control room during testing and commissioning. UGL was looking for an alternative to running a diesel Generator 24hrs/7 days, generally with minimal load.

Running generators at less than optimal load is costly in terms of fuel usage, and it increases the required maintenance to either prevent or rectify generator glazing.

The Solution

In response to this challenge, Makinex deployed the 45 kVA Hybrid power system (HPS). The latest project is just the most recent example of our longstanding track record of providing innovative solutions that make inefficiencies extinct!

The HPS consists of roof-mounted solar panels that generate electricity in direct sunlight; Excess energy is used to charge the batteries. A battery bank to store energy for use overnight or when the sun isn’t shining. An integrated backup diesel generator that kicks in when energy usage is high and when the batteries are low on charge.  

The outcome

The HPS met the customer’s brief of being an alternative to running a diesel generator 24/7.

Throughout four months, the HPS 45 operated 24/7 to power the entire site. The average consumption was 5kW per hour, with a peak consumption during the substation control room testing of 23kW. Because the HPS integrates Solar, Battery and Generator, the HPS was able to power the site with Solar and Battery 86% of the time. The generator only ran when needed, which equated to 14% of the time. This run time reduction lead to saving of $22,365 in fuel costs and $4,618 in service costs on the top of a significant decrease in greenhouse emissions, reduced traffic on-site, and reduced engine noise, thus improving the overall site safety.

Makinex has programmed the HPS to run at optimal load by using all energy that is produced. The generator’s primary function is to provide power for consumption; Excess energy charges the batteries. This programming eliminates the chance of glazing.

“The Hybrid Power System worked very well. Overall we saw a reduction in running costs, not only In fuel costs, but the frequency of refueling and over the Christmas break, we were able to leave the basic security and office operational without having to have regular attendance on-site.”

Darrell Van Bruchem, Construction Manager from UGL Pty Ltd:

Our customers have celebrated the impressive HPS design and implementation. Delivering portable, cleaner, quiet power and mitigating expenses involved with traditional grid or portable generator power, the HPS is everything it set out to be.

Makinex provides clean & easy to deploy power to remote construction site shed in Wellington, NSW.

Makinex were tasked with providing site power solutions for a 200MW solar farm construction site. The Solar farm has been built on more than 300 acres of grazed agricultural land. This project will power the equivalent of 44,000 homes and contributes to NSW’s ambition to increase its share of renewable energy to more than 60 percent by 2030.

The Challenge

The challenge was powering a 6mx3m office and lunchroom for site security that stood on its own at the road front of the 200MW solar farm construction site in Wellington. The site shed had to be powered 24/7. The location of the site shed being close to the road and residents meant that a quieter running option with fewer traffic movements was desired. Finally, the shed needed to be relocatable if required. A connection to grid electricity would provide silent power. However, it would be costly, involve a longer set-up time, and need further work if the customer relocated the shed. The customer determined that a diesel generator was a better option to power the shed as it was cost-effective and portable. However, it did not meet the brief of a quieter solution and seemed counterproductive to burn diesel fuel 24/7 on a renewable energy site.

The Solution

In response to this challenge, Makinex deployed the 20kVA Hybrid power system (HPS). The latest project is just the most recent example of our longstanding track record of providing innovative solutions that make inefficiencies extinct!

The HPS consists of roof-mounted solar panels, a battery bank to store energy, an integrated backup diesel generator, and an inverter to interface the different inputs.

The Outcome

The HPS met the customer’s brief of being easy to deploy, relocate, and simple to install, like a portable generator. It was capable of running 24/7 with no disruptions to the residents as the diesel generator component of the HPS would only run every couple of days for a few hours and at designated times during the day.  Over 22 weeks, the HPS 20 operated 24/7, with the diesel generator component running for only 7 % of the time.

The results were a 93% reduction in generator run time which directly relates to a significant decrease in fuel usage and servicing costs. This reduction in run time also reduced the traffic to the site, further reducing noise and improving site safety.

The added benefit of having reduced emissions on a renewable energy project was the cherry on top. Running the HPS as compared to a similar diesel generator for the same period reduced CO₂ Emissions by 20 tonnes.

“When the Makinex Team presented Kennards Hire with the opportunity to test the new hybrid generator, I instantly recognized this was an innovation that solved many challenges. The ability to run silently when on battery mode, environmental improvements with less emissions, and optimized fuel costs were immediately identified. Furthermore, the inclusion of telematics (IoT) provides my project teams to gain insights into numerous diagnostics (fuel levels, current draw, fault codes) at the click of a button, even when the unit is 100’s of kilometres away.”

Konrad Stempniak, General Manager from Kennards Group

Our customers have celebrated the impressive HPS design and implementation. Delivering portable, cleaner, quiet power and mitigating expenses involved with traditional grid or portable generator power, the HPS is everything it set out to be. Learn more about the product here .

Makinex awards reseller partner of the year

Makinex has awarded one of its key resellers – All Preparation Equipment– the Makinex Reseller Partner of the Year for 2021.

The award is based on a set of criteria including: breadth of range; sales, collaborative marketing; and brand association.

John Stewart, Makinex CEO said: “All Preparation Equipment has experienced strong sales in Makinex products and they have been very active in promoting our innovative and time-saving products on social media channels”

“Congratulations to the All Preparation Equipment team and we look forward to another great year ahead,” John said.

Makinex appoints John Stewart as the new CEO

Makinex is pleased to announce the appointment of John Stewart as the new Chief Executive Officer.

John has broad and extensive experience within the construction industry and is replacing founder CEO Rory Kennard.

Having worked as a senior leader in a number of large, global companies, John brings with him years of senior management experience. He has also led a privately owned building materials company before consulting to the construction and building products industry over the past five years.

Rory Kennard, CEO/Founder says:

“We are excited to introduce the new CEO of Makinex, John Stewart. John will add so much more focus to the role as CEO, his experience in running much larger companies will add the structure and discipline we need to keep achieving the challenging milestones we set ourselves year on year.“

These changes within the company will further strengthen Makinex’s growth in the industry and ethos of providing innovative products improving overall user efficiency.

Makinex all set for Energy Next 2021

The two-day exhibition is a comprehensive platform for the latest cutting-edge technology in the clean energy sector

Energy Next is just around the corner and will be held on 13th & 14th July at the ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour. 
Makinex will be unveiling its latest off grid power system on Stand K103. The Makinex Hybrid Power System (HPS) is the most versatile and advanced off grid power system. Providing grid like electricity in areas where grid power is either unavailable or directly replacing expensive/ unreliable grid power. 

The 2021 Energy Next is set to be the most comprehensive free-to-attend energy exhibition in NSW. Co-located with the Clean Energy Council‘s Australian Clean Energy Summit, Energy Next will showcase the latest technologies in renewable energy and energy management.

It’s a comprehensive forum for the latest, cutting-edge technology available to transform supply chain operations and give businesses the power to stay one step ahead of their competition.

For Makinex, helping businesses be more efficient and effective is absolutely at the core of our company’s ethos and we’re looking forward to making new contacts and introducing new companies to the benefits of our off grid power system.

Come and visit the Makinex’s team on Stand K103 and learn more about our latest industry offering, the Hybrid Power System.

You can register to attend here.

You can also follow the event on Linkedin here and Facebook here .

The Compliant & Safer Storage Solution For Your Power Tools/Batteries & Other Equipment – Mobile Charge Pod

Makinex has been designing original, award-winning tools and equipment for the flooring, construction, and landscaping industries since 2004. In collaboration with Lendlease, we have recently developed a mobile powered cabinet allowing contractors on a construction site to charge/store their power tools, batteries and other equipment while being compliant to Australian safety standards and reducing onsite electrical work risk & theft.

What is the OHS/WHS risk?

Noncompliance with electrical installations safety standard AS/NZS 3012 & AS/NZS 3000 on construction sites. Makinex witnessed that a lot of construction & demolition sites were not being compliant with electrical installations. Particularly when it comes to charging cordless tools with traditional power boards.

Charging batteries/tools on construction sites is often accompanied with multiple extension leads being connected to the switch board, and battery chargers congesting access to the switchboard. This not only makes access to the switch board inconvenient but also poses a serious safety hazard. According to Australian standards for electrical installations, adequate space of 1 m minimum should be provided as an exclusion zone around closed switchboards for ease of accessibility, testing, maintenance, and repair.

The solution

Makinex has developed Mobile Charge Pod that allows contractors on a construction site to safely store cordless tools batteries and chargers while charging their batteries. It has 6 lockers that are large enough for the large battery bank chargers which effectively eradicates all safety hazards associated with traditional onsite switchboards.

With a protected GPO for each locker, these GPOs are positioned such that the plugs are outside of the locker to enable safety inspectors and others to inspect tags on the electrical equipment. Each locker has large holes in the doors that can be used for easy visual inspection and air ventilation. Its double pole switch complies with Portable socket outlet assemblies (PSOA) standard AS/NZS 3012.

Would like to book a demo?

Celebrating 15 years of Cormidi in Australia – get a chance to win the new C55!

Makinex has been the exclusive Australian distributor of the market leading Italian manufactured Cormidi mini-tracked dumpers for over 15 years now. Get a chance to win the new Cormidi C55. All you have to do is submit your name, email & invoice number of any Makinex product/part purchased or Makinex  service availed here.

The Cormidi C55 hydrostatic mini dumper! The starting point of an extraordinary range! The 550 kg 55 series is the smallest of the motor carriers of the professional series. Available in high tip model, self loading or simply with a tipper body, , the “C55” is equipped with oscillating rollers and Honda engine.

With rounded corners, tipper function and also available in the hi tip model for discharge onto the higher bodies similar to those of trucks it is a very versatile tracked machine; the Cormidi dumpers maintain a high commercial value, even second-hand ones.

Makinex Hybrid Power System (HPS)

Makinex Hybrid Power System (HPS) is a versatile and advanced off grid power system which will provide gridlike electricity in areas where grid power is unavailable or for directly replacing expensive or unreliable grid power.

The newly developed and customizable system consists of roof or ground mounted solar panels, a battery bank to store energy, an integrated backup diesel generator and an inverter to act as an interface between the different inputs.

The system uses Australian built generators, is portable, easy to deploy and store, and offers significant fuel and servicing savings as well as reduced emissions and noise on site.

Makinex CEO, Rory Kennard describes the system as a steel-framed, hybrid power system with fold out solar panels with generator, batteries and inverter in an all-in-one rapid deployment skid unit. HPS is available in different sizes so is easily customizable; from 10kVA, 20kVA and 45kVA.

“It takes about five minutes to deploy on site and as soon as it is turned on, there is no noise,’ Rory said. “The solar panels provide power for day use and at night, the generator kicks in to boost the batteries. “Once the batteries are charged again, the generator turns off again. “Our Goal is to reduce diesel generator use by up to 90%. This will reduce servicing costs, because the generator will run for far less time and at the same time improve generator life. It’s a 10 year design life,” Rory said. “HPS provides access to clean and green energy and reduces need for costly alternatives to power supply in difficult locations from the electricity grid,” Rory said. “The HPS unit will supply people looking for that green tick for their events or their job site.

For events, HPS offers reduced noise and reduced diesel fumes. If event organizers or site managers want to run a system non-stop for four days without a generator, then we simply up spec the system to cope with expected demand. HPS has been in development for about three years. Rory said initially the original idea was to battrify construction sites; to offer battery packs for power tools on sites. But it evolved.

Makinex HPS overcomes traditional power challenges including: managing power supply without access to electricity grid in remote areas; high maintenance costs of poles/wires for electricity providers to supply power to remote areas. It also means challenges where traditional long lengths of poles/ wires are much more likely to get affected by bushfires, lightning strikes etc are no longer an issue. Major benefits of HPS means events and site users will have lower vulnerability to weather events, and will ensure reliability issues are localized. “HPS will reduce electricity outage rimes for customers and costs for network businesses. “Plus the status of the HPS can be easily monitored and controlled locally or remotely.”

While Rory concedes HPS is more expensive as a start-up unit, the cost savings over time from lower diesel usage and servicing costs plus the extended expected generator life will outweigh the initial set-up cost, he said.

Tight access excavation

One of the biggest challenges in construction and in design is how equipment, specially the type of equipment performing initial and succeeding excavations will be able to penetrate project sites with very little or narrow passageways. This is a growing concern for contractors and engineers alike, since growing population, especially in urban areas, have allowed land and building owners to construct extensions and improvements within their perimeter; therefore, making worksite more tight access.

Structures that are located inwards or rather in the middlemost part of the city block or street have the difficult test of going through a lot of obstacles before commencement of construction project becomes possible. Smaller, compact and equally efficient is the answer. That is where equipment such as mini-excavators and mini-dumpers come in play.

Makinex has been the exclusive distributor of the market leading Italian manufactured Cormidi mini-tracked dumpers for over 14 years now.

Makinex understands you need a small compact dumper that allows you to access narrow and tight work sites, and that being able to manoeuvre on rough terrain makes your job easier and faster, and ultimately allows you to give a better service to your customers.

Phil Gredig from Intelligent Construction Solutions Pty Ltd and his sons use machinery that adds value to their business and allows them to quote on jobs other builders would have to pass on due to hard working and access conditions.

Their most recent job in Beecroft Sydney has a small access point with a 20-degree ramp to the worksite. With 400 tonnes of bricks to move, working without their Cormidi 50 named “Sampson” would be almost impossible.

Phil explained that “Sampson” has now become an integral member of the team, allowing them to move 8 tonnes per hour.

Phil says, “Intelligent Construction Solutions couldn’t function as a business without the Cormidi 50. It is the most valuable piece of equipment they have and is used on 99 per cent of jobs.”

All Cormidi Dumpers are hydrostatic, offering a low cost of ownership for customers, meaning no belts, chains or pulleys to repair.

Makinex stocks a complete range from 400kg to 1200kg in high or low tip and petrol or diesel versions.

Click here to learn more.

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