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Discover how Central Steel Build overcame their lifting challenge…


Central Steel Build is a steel building manufacturer who design and build facilities across a diverse range of residential and commercial applications. These include domestic sheds and garages and offices through to rural and aviation building solutions.

The materials Central Steel Build use to build are bulky, heavy and sometimes difficult to lift where they need them to be and it was this challenge that led them to Makinex Construction Products.


The specific challenge that Central Steel Build presented to Makinex was moving 4.8m long web trusses up off a welding jig onto movable trolleys.

They were currently using an overhead crane to perform this task and they wanted a more efficient solution to help them with this so the crane could be used more effectively elsewhere.

Harvey Edmonds from Central Steel Build explains their challenge; “…we had used our overhead cranes to lift trusses. This took up valuable crane operation time, and it limited our work area to the reach of the crane.”


Makinex demonstrated how their Powered Hand Truck with sling attachment could be used as an alternative lifting solution for the web trusses which range from 3.6 to 6m in length, have an estimated height of 450mm and weigh between 60 – 90kg.


The results are extremely pleasing as the Makinex Powered Hand Truck is able to successfully lift the 4.8m Web Trusses off the welding jig and onto the movable trolleys ready for the next stage in the building and manufacturing process and here is what Central Steel Build had this to say about the results;

“The Makinex Powered Hand Truck has been a great innovation for our workshop. It saves us up to an hour each day in lifting the web tresses which over a period of a year, adds up to substantial time savings.  It’s also enabled us to keep a more flexible work-space to run with no down time waiting on overhead cranes or forklifts and a result we’ve improved our flow and productivity.

Previously, we had used our overhead cranes to lift trusses. This took up valuable crane operation time, and it limited our work area to the reach of the crane. The hand truck solved both of these problems – saving us time, streamlining our flow and ultimately saving us money.”

Check out the video below to see the Powered Hand Truck in action!

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