China gives Makinex PHT new award

Makinex Powered Hand Truck is on a role.

We have been awarded the 6th China Logistics Technology Award 2017 Innovation Award.

Makinex is new to the Chinese market and are very proud to be recognised for innovation.

The annual LT Summit is one of the most authoritative events for logistics technology in China.

As the logistics industry evolves to cope with increasing volume driven by the boom of e-commerce, Chinese enterprises – like its global counterparts – are seeking ways to improve productivity and safety. Makinex PHT solution can help organisations boost productivity and improve material handling safety in its unique design.

This year, 23 innovation awards were presented, 6 awards for best enterprises, 5 for people of the year, and 1 lifetime achievement award.

The Makinex PHT140 has won awards globally including:

Good Design Award in Australia

RER Award in USA

Innovation Trail Award in UK


Interview at World of Concrete – Makinex Hose 2 Go

Last week the Makinex team exhibited at The World Of Concrete event in Las Vegas.

We were exhibiting a number of products including

Hose 2 Go, Powered Hand Truck,Generator Range, Dual Pressure Washer, Jackhammer Trolley and Mixing Station.









Rory Kennard – Makinex CEO had the pleasure of being interviewed by For Construction Pros – where he talks about the Hose 2 Go and how it is an idea product for the concrete industry supplying a constant flow of water that allows you to suppress dust when cutting, core drilling and grinding concrete.

The Hose 2 Go is a constant pressure water supply unit.

It is so simple:

  • No pump which mean greater reliability
  • No complicated electronics to breakdown
  • No battery to go flat and expensive replacements
  • No need to manually pump to get the water pressure you need.

If you would like a demo or to request a quote – just get in touch

Makinex Ideas Box

Making Inefficiencies Extinct is the key motivation at Makinex

Makinex want to provide you with a better way to do your job, we do this be constantly innovating and looking outside the box.

We are always listening to our customers. We believe that the people who work in the construction industry know what they need and often have great ideas and improvements we can consider.


If you have been using a Makinex product within the construction industry and feel some changes to the design could help you to do your job, faster, smarter or cheaper why not get in touch.

Send us an email and the research and development team will take your ideas to the drawing board.


Here is a great example of how this can work

Mike Eccleshall, one of our customers in the UK, gave us some great ideas on the Mixing Station that would benefit him, us and other customers. He suggested to make some changes to the sliding handle, to make it easier to adjust.

Whilst reviewing the Makinex Mixing Station we took on board Mikes suggestions, on the updated model of the Mixing Station an extra brake castors was added, the kick pedal for tipping is bigger and the sliding handle has been changed to a smoother mechanism to raise the arm easily.


So, you see your ideas will be heard at Makinex. Don’t hesitate to send your ideas to your help is always welcome.

Improvement or new product ideas, let us know!!!

We are looking forward to all your new ideas! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and keep up-to-date.


Makinex featured in Sydney Morning Herald

Makinex to roll out 20 products in 20 countries in a decade

Rory Kennard’s only regret? He wasn’t more bullish from the start.

Read it online here 


When it comes to big, hairy, audacious goals Rory Kennard has the market cornered. He has plans for his construction products company Makinex to roll out 20 world-first products in 20 countries in 10 years.

The business is focused on global expansion plans and sourcing distributors in Japan, the US, Europe and the Middle East.

“Product research and development is constant, and robotics is next on the list,” Kennard says.

He says arriving at the goal to roll out 20 products in 20 countries in 10 years has helped focus the business. “It is easy for businesses to be opportunistic chasing every sale, especially when they are young and need every piece of income they can get. For many years we took on products that didn’t suit our brand and chased markets that were not core. “Once we decided on a 10-year goal and focused on that we’ve said no to many opportunities. This was challenging at first but we’ve become a much better business because of it.”

A more recent challenge for Makinex has been managing a huge growth spurt when a video of one of its products received more than 10 million views on social media. 

“While this was an amazing few weeks, the challenges that have followed trying to manage design, production, supply chain and internal company growth have stretched every team member. It’s still challenging the company’s systems, processes and cash flow, even down to space in the factories for storage and production. Although it’s been exciting and positive for the business, it’s also been very challenging for everyone,” Kennard says.

He says if he had his time again with the knowledge he has now, he would have focused the business on a clear goal as early as possible.

“I would have taken a risk and invested more money in hiring the highly skilful staff that now look after certain parts of the business I don’t need to focus energy on. We also went for what we considered as easy options appointing distributors and dealers for the first two to three years in the US.

“In hindsight, we should have been more aggressive with our expansion and set up our first office in LA. It’s important to just go for it, and not be so tentative, which is the lesson we are taking from that experience as we expand into other countries. It also allows our business to maintain a close working relationship with our customers, which is where a number of our product ideas originate.”

So far, the business has been funded through personal loans using Kennard’s family home as equity. “We have never had external investors … but there might be the need for some serious cash at some point in our growth curve and we might have to look at all options.”

Kennard says the business is achieving 20 per cent growth a year, and is looking to achieve 30 per cent growth a year in the future. “Our goal as we come to the 10-year mark, is to have a $40 million turnover, with 20 new products in 20 countries.”

He acknowledges he’s constantly taking risks when developing new products. “Our latest product has taken four years to get production ready, longer than anticipated by about three years, which caused serious stresses in the business.”

But this work has paid off and sales of Hose2go, a constant pressure water supply unit, have been higher than expected.

“We are also continually taking risks by investing money in the sales and support of our products into new territories,” says Kennard.

Rory Kennard’s advice for goal-directed entrepreneurs:

·         Be passionate about what you do.

·         Make sure you have advantages your customers appreciate.

·         Enjoy the good times and learn as much as you can during the tough times.

·         Keep on moving, innovating, changing and evolving.

·         Invest in people who are experts. This will allow you to focus on what you are passionate about and good at.

Makinex supporting Safe Work Month

The month of October is Safe Work Month and Makinex have a close association with Safe Work Australia after winning The Good Design Safe Work Australia Award earlier this year.

Safety in the workplace underpins many of our products.

Powered Hand Truck – Allowing you to pick up 140 kg with just one person, which reduces workplace injuries.

Picking up heavy materials is often done with a couple of people – struggling or a forklift which means you have to have a licence and training. Back injuries through incorrect posture is a very common, and costs businesses time and money.

The Powered Hand Truck provides a safe, easy and quick way to pick up and move materials.

This award winning machine can change the way your run your business and look after you’re staff. Ideal for the storage, hire & rental and materials handling industries among many others

Jack Hammer Trolley – Providing a safer and quicker way to lift floor tiles, vinyl and cork.

Using a Jackhammer is strenuous work and puts a lot of stress on the body, the Makinex Jackhammer Trolley has built in shock absorbers to reduce vibrations and absorbs user fatigue

The Jackhammer Trolley not only is safer and easier to use – it also makes the job up to 6 x faster.

Hose 2 Go – A constant pressure water supply unit, used within the construction, core drilling and concrete cutting industries to suppress dust and  prevent you having to pump by hand which puts stress on shoulders and joints.

The Hose 2 Go is a unique and cleverly designed product that uses no electronics, no pump, and no need to manually pump water.

Dual Pressure Washer – A rotary cleaner  and wand pressure washer in one, which is walk behind cleaning machine which makes the job easier and quicker, preventing you having the bend down and put pressure on your back.

Having a pressure cleaner you can walk behind and can be used for cleaning floors and walls means you get the job done quicker and safer.

Mixing Station – This product can save up to 8 hours  of labour, and with the easy tilt system and you don’t have to hold the mixer free hand which saves repetitive strain.

Generators – 6,9,10,16 Kva all are compact and mobile built with an easy to use handle that allows the user to simply push the Generator to where it is needed, rather than having to pick up heavy machinery

Five ways to get innovative and drive business growth

Rory recently spoke to Dynamic Business Magazine about driving business growth and staying innovative.

Rory Kennard is the Founder and CEO of Makinex. Makinex is the Dyson of the construction world – with award-winning products distributed all over the world including Hose to Go, Jackhammer Trolley and the Powered Hand Truck – resolving problems and removing inefficiencies is their core business strategy. 

I don’t like to fail, but I know it’s all part of the process.

Learning to succeed first means you must learn to fail, and this has been my mantra which has seen the company into a rapid growth phase.

Makinex wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for a culture of innovation in the workforce. We invest up to 10 pc in research and development and this is the core reason we’ve been able to expand beyond Australia to bases in LA, Europe, UK and products distributed by Home Depot and some of the biggest retailers in the world.

With technology disrupting the construction industry, now is the time to step out of our comfort zones and do things in new ways, with new tools and take ourselves out of the mindset of ‘this is how we’ve always done things’.

Here is how I drive innovation from the top at Makinex:

Read more here

Makinex Dealer of the Year – Crozier Diamond Tools

Each year Makinex like to congratulate and thank our Dealers.

We love working with resellers who have the same passion for the construction industry and innovative products as we do.

We look at which of our dealers have made the most sales in the financial year.

This year we say congratulations to Crozier Diamond Tools.

We presented them with our annual Dealer of Year Award last week and we now they were proud to get the award.

The photo shows

L to R

Dennis Crozier, Robyn Crozier, Ryan Crozier, Sam McGarry


We should have brought one a long time ago

Makinex stands for Making Inefficiencies Extinct, it is our core aim with all our products. Working with businesses who want something better, more efficient, time saving or will protect their workforce’s health and safety.


The Cormidi and Canycom Range of Dumpers are a great example of how purchasing the right machine for your company or a specific job can save you time and money.


Makinex recently worked with Urban Escape a Sydney based landscape and pool construction company, who has been in business for 20years. They purchased a Canycom ride on Swivel Bucket Tracked Dumper.


Previously they had been using similar machines, many of their jobs had difficult access and needed excessive labour to install materials or remove excavation materials.


They had always put off purchasing a dumper due to budget, but Nick McCarthy from Urban Escapes said “We should have purchased a dumper long ago, when we worked out how much we’ve spent over the years on hiring – we could have purchased several for the same amount”


Purchasing any machine is a large investment for many businesses and Urban Escape did some research before jumping in, Nick had used competitors machines in the past but after a recommendation from a friend who had bought a Cormidi from Makinex and once Nick saw the extra features the Canycom had such as swivel whilst tipping he could see the benefits to his business. He needed a safe machine with large capacity and a tipping mode. The Caycom filled all these criteria and more.


During research Nick found out that on other dumpers the operators needed to get off the machine and move pins which was unsafe when dumping into the rear of a truck or stockpile. The Swivel and dump action of the Canycom is more efficient and a lot safer.


They can now backfill large areas quickly and move excavation materials from stockpiles in tight access jobs whilst offering their customers a more competitive quote and ability  to bring a project in on time and budget.


Nick McCarthy from Urban Escapes says “We found the Canycom to be ideally suited to our needs as a residential landscaper and swimming pool builder. We excavate many of our pools with tight access. The Canycom compliments the rest of our small access fleet and gives us the ability to carry out the pool construction including the excavation. Working with Makinex was easy”



All in a score’s work: 20 years of operation and still going strong

Since 1994, Mick Snell has directed his company CMS Plant Hire, providing wet and dry hire for the greater Sydney region. His business also spans out to Newcastle, Campsie and even Canberra when builders call for a seasoned expert in earthmoving and excavation.

Mick has recently purchased a Cormidi Dumper 80 and is more than satisfied with its performance. “It’s easy to use, which means anyone can jump on and operate it. Except for me of course – those days of operating are over as I now manage the worksite and projects!” Mick laughs.

The Cormidi 80 was purchased for a specific contract at an aged care rehabilitation facility in Sydney. “We had to work in narrow spaces for the extension that was taking place within the site. Having the Cormidi meant we were able to load and transport material such as dirt and site waste quickly and easily.”

“We had previously rented Cormidi’s for contracts that were short to long, as well as by-the-hour jobs across civil, excavation and landscaping applications. I am very happy with the decision to purchase the Cormidi. It really suits my business needs.”

Formerly, Mick managed up to 65 staff and a fleet of over 80 plant equipment. These days he still is very busy managing his business, but is still finding the work very satisfying with fewer staff and plant. “The more rewarding part of my job is seeing a finished project, as well as the diversity of each different job. Every day is different and I appreciate the variation,” Mick beamed.

For more information on CMS Plant Hire visit

For more information on the Cormidi Dumper range, call 1300 795 953.

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