Cormidi Dumpers: European design, universal versatility

Lower maintenance costs

Makinex proudly distributes the Cormidi Dumper range in Australia, which comprises of ten models ranging from 350-2000KG capacity that are designed and manufactured in Italy.

With end-user operating costs in mind, Cormidi have developed the machine to be fully hydrostatic where maintenance is as simple as changing the hydraulic oil, thus eliminating costly repairs of cables and belts. There is a significant reduction in down time due to less moving parts within the unit, as well as more ease-of-use when it comes to control and operation.

Access tight spaces

Cormidi Dumpers are rugged, robust and most of all, versatile. Which means you can do many things using one machine: access, lift, shift, load, move and store. With a rocking roller in the tracked system, Cormidi Dumpers can travel over mud, rocks, debris and even steep terrain allowing access and stability in those tricky places. Many urban developments allow only tight access into gardens and yards, while existing trees and plants in parklands need to be preserved when removing the targets tree/s. Cormidi Dumpers are narrow, spanning from only 680mm, allowing them to move and shift between the narrowest of spaces.

Load, lift and dump

What’s more, Cormidi Dumpers feature a high tip bucket, which is perfect for tipping trees and logs straight into woodchippers. Arborists can easily double or triple their productivity, saving labour and time when shifting loads from point A to B. With varying load capacity starting at 500KG, Cormidi Dumpers are an efficient machine that are easy to operate and versatile to suit many applications.

For more information on the Cormidi Dumpers call Makinex on 1300 795 953.

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