Cutting Egde Diamond Tools has been manufacturing and supplying diamond blades that are ideal to work on materials ranging from concrete and asphalt to tile and refractory, as well as everything in between.

Objective/ Challenges

Cutting Edge Diamond Tools customers use manual pumps to cool down their blades. This took a lot of time and standing beside the pump all the time is not efficient.


Makinex Hose2Go (H2G)


When Cutting Edge Diamond Tools visited their customers they showed the Hose 2 as equipment that could be used when core, drilling, cutting or sawing. Showing that the Hose 2 Go can be used for dust suppression and blade cooling without the need to manually pump.

Because Cutting Edge Diamond Tools supplies their customers with the perfect blade for their job the Hose 2 Go was an ideal product to go with their blades. Every customer they showed the Hose 2 Go to was enthusiastic and wanted to buy it.

With selling 30 Hose 2 Go’s in 4 weeks’ time the success of the product is not unnoticeable. Makinex created a way so that our customers don’t have to manually pump anymore. It saves the customers a lot of time because they don’t have to pump for each bucket.

Tony from Cutting Edge: “Just buy it, it works”.

Would you like to know more about our Hose2Go?

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