Until recently, concrete grinders and polishers only had the choice of Pantech or Trailer Mount generators to power their machines and these options don’t always provide power to where you need it.

Makinex recognised the industry needed another larger kVA generator option which was compact and portable which led to the creation of the Makinex Generator range.

Objective/ Challenges

  • Work sites can be restricted and/or tight access
  • Large stationary generators don’t have the flexibility to move around to where you need power. Plus, you want to be able to transport and park all your machinery so it’s easily accessible and hence a compact power supply is crucial. 
  • Dave from Euroseal upgraded from a single-phase concrete grinder which they were able to run on a 10amp generator to a 650 grinder that ran on three-phase. So they needed a generator that would provide more power. This power needed to be portable and compact as some of the sites they worked in were confined.


Makinex 10, 16 kVA range of power generators


  • Makinex Generators were the most logical solution for Euroseal as they provide the most compact and portable power supply systems available in today’s market.
  • Makinex Generators are available in 10kVA,16kVA & 23 kVA and contain the revolutionary Magnetic Flux Technology which provides less than 3% harmonic sinewave distortion.
  • Makinex have recently launched 23kVA range of power generators. Worlds most compact generator of its power and winner at World Of Concrete for Most Innovative Product. Avoid the hassle and expense of oversized SKID and towable generators. With the world’s smallest 23kVA generator, you can put 30A of 3-phase 415V power exactly where you need it.

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