Facts : Back injuries while working in the construction industry

The construction industry compromises of work involved with the construction, alteration or demolition of buildings and other structures. The number of workers in the industry have grown by 33% over the last 11 years. There have been significant reductions in the numbers and rates of injuries and fatalities in this industry over the last ten years or more. Nevertheless, the construction industry remains a high risk industry.

In 2012–13 the construction industry accounted for 9% of the Australian workforce but 10% of workers’ compensation claims for injuries and diseases involving one or more weeks off work. In 2013–14 the construction industry again accounted for 9% of the workforce but accounted for 12% of work related fatalities.

20% of insurance claims in the construction industry were preventable lifting/back injuries.( Source: SafeWorkAustralia). On average they cost construction firms and rental firms like yours $10,000 annually in lost productivity.

During these times of pandemic, more and more construction companies are staggering shifts in order to comply with the social distancing guidelines. This means lesser workers on site and more workload on the reduced workforce.

Check out the Powered Hand Truck (PHT-140). The Makinex Powered Hand Truck (PHT-140) lets a single person to lift heavy and oddly shaped objects, up to 140 kg, and load them onto a truck or trailer without the risk of back injuries. Improved safety and productivity gains make the PHT a no-brainer for the loading bay.

That’s why firms like Kennards Hire are putting a PHT-140 in every branch:

“We use the Makinex Powered Hand Truck to lift & load equipment.  It is a fantastic product we use it all day, every day.  This piece of equipment is saving us costs & preventing injuries.” 

-Darren Curmi, Branch Manager, Kennard’s Hire.

Power Hand Truck & Covid-19

Our PHTs meet social distancing compliance as it reduces the need for 2 people lifting in close proximity to each other .

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