Interview with Jeff Durgin about Generators

RER speaks with Jeff Durgin, global product manager at Makinex, about new generator technology, hurricane season, and the five pieces of information a rental company should know to take proper care of a generator customer.

RER: What is new technologically for your company in generators?

Durgin: Makinex is proud to offer the first of its kind — portable generators that can produce both three-phase and single-phase power, simultaneously. These small form units produce power via permanent magnets as opposed to traditional copper windings. As a result, we produce as much as 15 percent more wattage per horsepower than conventional copper-wound units. The patented embedded permanent magnet design eliminates the need for complex electronic controls so there is less to malfunction.

Other benefits include:

  • Superior motor starting – motor starting capability is 3.5 times rated capacity.
  • Single- and three-phase power – The ability to start single- and three-phase motors simultaneously.
  • 30 percent smaller footprint – allows us to pack big power in a small package.
  • Parallel operations – Run certain model generators in parallel using basic phase matching controls only.
  • Three-year warranty on engine and alternator.

There are five key pieces of information you will need to know when your customer calls to ask if a generator will power his equipment


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