Makinex Generators now availiable in a Quiet Range

Makinex have created a range of Generators that provide our customers with the a quieter power source.

These Generators still retain the key benefits offered by our open frame generator range with been the most compact and portable on the market.

For details on our Quiet Range, please download our flyer HERE.

You can always request a DEMO of our how our Generators work in your application HERE.




Genuine Makinex Generator Accessories

Makinex have a range of accessories to complement their Generators.

These include:

  1. Makinex Parallel Box – allows you to combine the power of two Makinex Generators
  2. Makinex Reducer Cables

Please click HERE for product codes.

Portable Power for the back of your Ute

The Makinex 10kVA Generator provides you with a robust and reliable power supply that is compact and portable.

So if you need power that can move when and where you need it, click HERE to learn more!

Impressed? Book a demo HERE so you can experience the quality of this product in your application.

New Attachments for your Vinyl Floor Stripper!

The Vinyl Floor Stripper is a heavy-duty industrial machine designed to remove materials such as vinyl, glued carpet and cork from floors.

It’s an ideal machine for contractors, hire & rental companies, and renovators with an easy tool-free setup, quiet operation and minimal maintenance.

The quality and reliability of the Makinex Floor Stripper sets it apart from the competition.

Click HERE to get the code for new blades and to order them, contact our After Sales Department on 1300 795 953 or email

Dual Pressure Washer – no more swapping between wand and rotary cleaners

The Makinex Dual Pressure Washer is a multi function hard surface cleaner that provides efficiency and safety.

It combines a rotary and wand pressure washer that you swap between with the simple turn of a handle.

Available in either 2500psi or 4000psi, you can learn more about these innovative machines HERE.

If you would like to organise a demo of this product in your application, click HERE and we’ll book it in!

Cormidi Mini Dumpers – what sizes do they come in?

The Makinex Cormidi Mini Dumpers are an awesome machine for helping you lift and shift bulk materials.

They save you time and hence money and also aid in reducing issues relating to heavy lifting.

Tight access is a specialty of Cormidis which is vital for getting in and out of tight spaces such as down the side of a house and even through a doorway!

Click HERE to learn more about the range of Mini Dumpers we have available.

Alternatively, click HERE to book a demo of the Cormidi in your application.


Hose 2 Go – what accessories are available?

The Hose 2 Go is an innovative portable water supply unit that helps you suppress dust when concrete cutting or concrete coring.

It doesn’t require a battery, electrics or pump to operate. Simply fill from the tap and it’s charged and ready to go.

If you require genuine accessories for your Hose 2 Go, download our flyer HERE where you will find a complete list of them.

Contact our After Sales Department to order on 1300 795 953 or

Jack Hammer Trolley Accessories

Makinex has a comprehensive range of genuine accessories for the Jack Hammer Trolley.

Click HERE to see the full range of accessories available to ensure you minimise downtime on your job!

To order your accessories, please contact Ara from our After Sales Department on 0432 020 571 or


What’s new for the Powered Hand Truck?

The Makinex Powered Hand Truck has undergone a facelift!

We’ve added the following features to ensure the Powered Hand Truck is keeping up with the needs of our customers:

  1. Extendable Nose – provides an additional 180mm in length
  2. Self Closing Hook – hook self closes above 40kgs
  3. Rough Surface Wheels – larger wheels better suited to rough & uneven surfaces  (such as compressed blue metal)
  4. Auto cut off switch – turns off after 20 minutes to avoid forgetting to power off the device manually.

The Auto Cut Off Switch is available as standard on all Powered Hand Trucks purchased from Batch 0518-500.

The other new features are available to purchase as attachments for all models of the Powered Hand Truck.

Download our flyer HERE for more details.

Dust Suppression now available with our Mixing Station!

The Makinex Mixing Station has a new feature designed to keep you safe when mixing floor levelling product.

The new vacuum extraction port enables efficient dust suppression so you minimise your exposure to potentailly harmful Silica Dust.

These features now come as standard with the Makinex Mixing Stations.

To learn more about these features, click HERE to download the flyer.



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