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In 2017 71,000 new homes are expected to be built in NSW. To meet this growing demand in property development where houses are built tighter together in blocks and this means site access is getting harder. So, the need to have a compact and reliable machine is bigger than ever. The Makinex Cormidi mini dumper range is ideal for tight access work on any terrain.

Makinex is the sole distributor of Cormidi in Australia. The dumper range enables users to access all areas, fitting into the narrowest of spaces and over all types of terrain. Site access is the biggest issue particularly in urban areas where houses are build close together. The Cormidi dumpers start at a 700mm width to fit standard doorways, and ally’s in between houses. The dumpers are versatile and compact which augments maneuverability around every work site.

The Cormidi range is designed with a rocking roller undercarriage creating stability over rough terrain such as rocks, tree roots and other uneven surfaces at an angle of up to 20 degrees.

The range that Makinex distributes starts at 400KG load capacity up to 2000KG. The dumpers can lift, shift, load and transport any materials from stones to dirt and concrete blocks. High tipping is available on most models to dump directly into skip bins and trucks. Self-loading is another useful option available on some models.

Phil Gredig from Intelligent Construction Solutions Pty Ltd only uses machinery that makes sense and adds value to their business, allowing them to quote on jobs some other builders would have to pass on due to hard working and access conditions.


Some of their jobs have a highly restrictive access point with a 20-degree purpose-built ramp leading to the work site. With 4000 bricks to move, working without their Cormidi 50 named “Samson” would’nt be almost impossible.

Phil explained that “Samson” has now become an integral member of the team, allowing them to move up to 8 tonnes per hour.

Phil says, “Intelligent Construction Solutions couldn’t function as a business without the Cormidi 50; it is the most valuable piece of equipment we have and is used on 99 per cent of projects.”

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Depending on the model, users walk behind the machine or stand on the footplate. The footplate can be folded away to increase the operate ability. The high-tipping, self-loading and footplate reduces workplace injuries on back, neck and joints.

The fully hydrostatic system ensures a low cost of ownership. Services on the Cormidi dumpers is also done by Makinex with a service department with over 10 years of experience and knowledge.

Makinex is proud to distribute these versatile Cormidi Dumpers along with parts, service and support. Our sales team can advise you which dumper will suit your job most and come for a demonstration.

For more information on the complete Cormidi Dumper range visit or call 1300 795 953

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