Smaller land blocks demand mini dumpers with tight access capabilities!

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Increased demand for land along the Eastern seaboard due to rising populations has resulted in the proliferation of high density housing. While the blocks have become smaller, the houses haven’t and this results in the need for efficient products that can work within tight access requirements such as a standard 700mm ally.

Cue in the Cormidi Mini Dumper!

Manufactured in Italy, the Cormidi’s are high performance and compact dumpers that transport bulk materials. Cormidi’s are suitable for use within a diverse range of industries as they’re buckets can hold from 400kg to 2000kg.

From excavators, landscapers or builders, The Cormidi Dumpers range has a built-in suspension system in the tracks that allows the user to access rocks, go over gutter, tree roots and other uneven surfaces at an angle up to 20 degrees. The dumpers can lift, shift, load, transport and dump any materials from concrete to dirt. The highest tipping point for a Cormidi (600kg bucket) is 1.675m making it perfect for tipping straight into skip bins, utes or even 3 to 5 tonne trucks and as it’s fully hydrostatic, you get power when you need it.

Andrew Smith from The OtherSide Landscapers said, “We recently purchased the Cormidi 60 dumper from Makinex and we couldn’t be happier. It is used in nearly all aspects of our jobs from loading out soil from excavation to help move bricks and material and it’s great for tight access. My favourite part of the Cormidi 60 is the high lift which makes it great for loading skip bins and trucks. I couldn’t recommend the Cormidi 60 more to other builders and landscapers…”

With a low cost of ownership you get a greater return on investment, eliminating replacements of expensive electrics. The Cormidi’s have an efficiency improvement for customers up to 50% in comparison by using a traditional wheel barrow. High tipping is available on most models to dump directly into skip bins and trucks. Next to the high tipping the self-loading is another available option on some models.

Starting at a 700mm wide the dumpers can fit through a standard doorway and ally’s between houses built closely together which is a blessing given the increase of high density housing. All dumpers feature a Donaldson dual air filter system for greater engine protection that will also reduce the costs of ownership.

Makinex is proud to be the sole distributor of these versatile Cormidi Dumpers along with providing parts, service and support. Our sales team can advise you which dumper will suit your job most and can also provide you with a demonstration.

For more information on the complete Cormidi Dumper range visit or call 1300 795 953




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