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As the name suggests, Brian’s Tight Access specialises in excavating areas where there is restricted access.

Brian’s Tight Access operates in a specialised type of excavation, one that requires fitting into the tightest of spaces in residential areas. For 25 years Brian Holloway, Owner and Operator of the business has completed several thousand excavations for swimming pools, rock hammering, land reshaping and demolition.

With an increase in property development to meet the rising population and housing demand within greater Sydney, gone are the days where site access was easy and housing blocks were spacious. Houses are tightly compacted into smaller blocks making it more difficult for builders like Brian to access the backyard. Every millimeter is precious when maneuvering between houses, making the Cormidi Dumpers a real asset to Brian’s business.

“Space between houses used to be 1200mm but now access is limited to only 800mm.” stated Brian. “One of our dumpers is 1000mm so we invested in two Cormidi 60’s, which are only 700mm wide. It is an essential asset for us as the blocks are getting smaller, and some even have two houses on only 450sqm.”

His phone rings off the hook continuously for jobs and projects due to his professionalism and skill, as well as his ability to access virtually any difficult site. In many instances, Brian along with his team of two will use the front and back doors and even stairs to get to site. Projects typically run from 1-4 weeks, which means minimal manual labour is critical in getting the job completed on time and within budget.

“Our Cormidi 60 eliminates the need for excavation done by hand. It is reliable, stable and has a diesel engine that provides more power to keep it going all day. We can even take it up a ramp to load dirt and materials into semi-trailers. The hi-tip feature is also great for lifting concrete directly into skip bins, saving manual lifting and handling.”

Brian is well and truly ahead of his game, leveraging opportunities from the imminent changes in the building and housing industry, backed by a membership in the Housing Industry Association.

“I have more work than I can handle!” Brian laughed. “It is continuous, but at least I get to relax and enjoy some down time on the weekends.”

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