Makinex welcomes Michael Hilti

Everyone was thrilled to welcome Michael Hilti to Makinex Sydney Headquarters on Friday 19th Oct.

Michael Hilti and Rory Kennard spent time discussing new products and innovation within the construction industry.

Makinex have worked with Hilti for the last 7 years with the Jackhammer Trolley Hilti version and Hilti selling the Makinex Tile Smasher Heads.

Makinex and Hilti have a longstanding appreciation and passion for finding innovative ways to make the construction industry more efficient.

Hilti was established in 1941, and Makinex aspire to follow in their extremely successful footsteps, they have a business culture most companies admire being in the Top 25 places to work in the world, among many other awards and accolades.

Hilti also won Financial Review Top 100 Graduate employer award – which is an excellent opportunity for graduates wanting to enter the construction and design industry.

Makinex and Hilti align in many ways especially in the importance design plays in their products, with Hilti winning Red Dot Awards and both Makinex and Hilti winning Good Design Awards over the years.

Rory Kennards says “Design is imperative when producing high quality products and tools that will make a difference to the construction industry. Makinex believes there’s always a better way to do things, and is constantly striving to be the best it can be, working with companies such as Hilti drives us to design and produce excellent product that changes the way they work”

Having aligned qualities with other players in the construction industry is inspiring and shows that working together in order to build outstanding products and businesses to support to industry is possible.

Makinex hopes to continue its relationship with Hilti and learn from this powerhouse business, by continuing to offer outstanding quality and designed products for the construction industry.

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