Cormidi C1200 Mini Dumper

A multi-function tracked-dumper for any application

With 1200 kg load capacity, self-loading swivel-skip or 2 m high-tip the C1200 makes light work of heavy loads. Plus, using an array of hot-swap attachments it can also perform many other functions.

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Know the Product

Handle any job from loading and dumping to mixing or mowing with this amazing multi-function machine

The Cormidi C1200 is an all-purpose tracked carrier for big workloads. When you need to move bulk materials on and off job sites day after day, the C1200 is the perfect choice for heavy-weight work on rough terrain is rough with limited manoeuvrability.

With the toughness of an industrial self-loading dumper but the nimbleness of a far smaller vehicle the C1200 is ideal for moving large amounts of material over uneven surfaces and in tight spaces.

Handling up to 0.50 cubic metres heaped, alongside total carrying weight of 1,200 kg means the C1200 won’t shy from heavy duty work. It moves fast too, with a powerful 20 hp Kubota D722 diesel engine that propels it at up to 6.9 km/h, and it can climb inclines of up to 20 degrees and remains perfectly stable on 10-degree sideways slopes.

Unlike wheeled transporters the track-driven C1200 will never let you down with a flat tyre, nor dig itself into loose gravel, disrupting your construction work. Instead, while carrying a ton of cargo, the C1200 floats effortlessly over mud, loose soil and construction debris without breaking a sweat.

Its high-tip dumper skip can deposit large loads safely at heights up 2 m, easily clearing the lip of skips and articulated lorries. Loading is never a hassle, the C1200 swivel bucket rotates up to 180 degrees.

It is a sophisticated machine with extensive controls, including a full dashboard with cruise control, signal indicator lights and electric start. Hi-flow and anti-stall systems means you can use the full power of the C1200 without worrying about the engine stalling.

A fully hydrostatic control system means there are no belts, chains or pulley systems to go wrong. Leaving you with a low cost of ownership mini-dumper that is more reliable, and easier to maintain than comparable tracked dumpers.

You can optionally configure the Cormidi C1200 with a self-loading arm to automate loading the bucket. Or, choose the Cormidi C1200 in mini-loader configuration for a capable machine for shifting loose material in volume from place to place.

The Cormidi 1200 is part of the Cormidi Multi Function (CMF) series, which are designed to support a multitude of function-specific attachments on a common chassis and running gear. This includes everything from a hi-tip dumper assembly to a crane, cement mixer, soil tiller and hedge trimmer.

The possibilities are endless. In just a few minutes, one can switch from one functionally-specific attachment to another to quickly transform this one machine into a totally different beast.

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Challenges on the Job
  • Moving materials on and off job sites quickly
  • Finding a mini dumper that handles 1 tonne
  • Dumping stuff over high-lip skips and trucks
  • Maximizing productivity and reducing downtime
  • Minimizing ground damage from large machinery
Solution Benefits
  • Up to 1200 kg and 0.50 cubic metres capacity
  • Only 950 mm wide fits into tight access spaces
  • Rubber tracks and rocking roller undercarriage
  • Transport lift and dump 1 tonne at a time
  • 2 m tipping height with precision controls
  • Fully hydrostatic drive-train and attachments
  • Climbs and descends up to 20 degree slopes
  • Remains stable on 10-degree sideways slopes
  • Powerful 20 hp Kubota D722 diesel engine
Machine Dimensions L 2120mm, W 1100mm, H 1350mm
Engine 24.8HP Kubota D722 diesel engine
Travel Speed 0-5.2km per hour
Load Capacity 1000kg
Net Weight 580kg
High Tip Bucket 2m Tipping Height
Bucket Dimensions L 1350mm x W 790mm x H 370
Drive System Hydrostatic
Tracks Heavy Duty Rubber with Seesaw Roller

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