Cormidi C40 Mini Carrier

Multi-purpose, tracked-transporter with able flatbed

With 400kg load capacity and an extensible flatbed the Cormidi C40 is a versatile materials transporter. Lightweight and agile, it is equally useful on construction sites, landscaping and farm settings.

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Know the Product

Move all sorts of construction and agricultural materials with this handy expandable flatbed carrier

Finding a reliable, inexpensive, compact mini-transporter with go-anywhere capabilities is a challenge. The Cormidi C40 is an able, lightweight, tracked carrier that won’t break the bank.

Multi-purpose transporter

Featuring an extensible flatbed carrier, the C40 saves you time and money by making it easy to move all sorts of building and agricultural materials around small job sites and farms.

The C40 is a versatile multi-purpose carrier. The extensible flatbed makes it suitable for transporting anything from palettes to hay bales, as well as awkward shapes and loose materials.

For bigger loads the sides can be extended to expand the contained area. By as much as 66%, up to a maximum length of 1200 mm and width of 1040 mm. Or you can remove the sides completely.

Tipping the C40 is easy too. Simply pull the lever and gently tip the C40 to empty it.

Exceptionally versatile

No need to worry about punctured tires, or wheels snagging in debris or ruts. The sure-footed C40 uses durable rubber tracks with a rocking roller undercarriage to move over all surfaces. Including gravel, loose soil and demolition debris.

With a safe, but brisk top speed of 3.9 km/h and a narrow footprint you can carry all sorts of loads up to 400 kg to wherever they need to be: up tight fire stairs, down a narrow alleyway and even through a standard home doorway.

It really is an exceptionally versatile mini transporter you can use anywhere, any time.

Practical and economical

Getting the C40 to and from your job site is no effort. It weighs just 195 kg and you can effortlessly pick it up by four accessible chassis hooks. The C40 is always ready to take a Ute ride to its next job.

The Cormidi C40 comes with a reliable Honda GX160 petrol engine that produces enough power and torque to take on tough jobs, day in, day out without burning much fuel.

Because the Cormidi C40 is so compact, versatile and affordable it is a practical and convenient solution for an endless range of uses, helping you move loads quickly with less sweat.

Challenges on the Job
  • Moving a range of objects and material types
  • Getting stuff in or out of narrow access sites
  • Wheelbarrow are hard to use on rough terrain
  • Using wheelbarrows is slow and labor intensive
  • Mini-loaders are not ideal for carrying loads
Solution Benefits
  • Flatbed carrier can handle any solid material
  • Sides of carrier are easily extended or removed
  • Contained area expands by 66% to 1040×1200 mm
  • As narrow as 740 mm fits thru gates and doorways
  • Tracked undercarriage floats over on any terrain
  • Stable on 20-degree hills, 10-degree side-slopes
  • Can climb stairs and hills easily and safely
  • Makes transporting anything quick and easy
Machine Dimensions L 1630mm, W 740mm, H 611mm
Engine 160 5Hp Honda Petrol
Travel Speed 0-3.9km per hour
Load Capacity 400kg
Net Weight 195kg
Drive System Mechanical
Tracks Heavy Duty Rubber with Seesaw Roller

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