Cormidi C60 Mini Dumper

The narrowest mini-dumper with the best tip height

With 600kg load capacity a self-loader option, a 1.7 m high-tip and intuitive controls, the Cormidi C60 allows even novice operators to shift soil, debris and building materials quickly and unaided.

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Know the Product

Load and carry soil and materials with ease, at confined work sites, with this high-tip mini-dumper

Safely tipping loads into a tall skip or truck usually requires large, difficult to manoeuvre machines. With a tip height of 1.7m the Cormidi C60 is the highest tipping tracked mini-dumper available.

Easy tipping into tall skips
The superior reach makes tipping easier and faster for operators of all skill levels. With greater clearance over the lip of skips and trucks, you can approach more quickly and tip away, with less risk of spillage.

With a slightly higher dumper capacity, and a faster round trip time, an experienced operator can easily handle 10-15% more volume in the same time it would take using a Cormidi C50.

Add the self-loader option, and now you have a tracked dumper, that can be used independently to move large volumes of material around job sites quickly, even by novice operators.

Stability on any surface
The proven stability of Cormidi’s tracked propulsion system is unmatched. Its oscillating rollers means you can rely on the Cormidi C60 for transporting loads safely over long distances. Up hills, traversing slopes, over debris or mud, the C60 handles all terrain with the traction and torque to stick like glue and keep moving.

A fold-down platform lets operators ride on the machine comfortably over those longer hauls. In tight spaces the platform folds away to reduce length. Not only does it have the tallest hi-tip lift, at 695 mm wide it is also the narrowest in the Cormidi family. Beating the C50 by just 5mm.

Petrol or diesel engine
Available with a 9.0 hp Honda GX270 petrol engine or a 7.5 hp Yamaha LA70 diesel engine, the Cormidi C60 has excellent pulling power and durability compared to other dumpers. These fuel-efficient engines just keeps going and going. A sound reducing engine canopy cuts noise adding to operator comfort.

In the Cormidi range the C60 offers the best balance of toughness, carrying ability and tipping height. Yet remaining compact enough to use in cramped conditions that are ill-suited to wheeled dumpers or larger track dumpers. With its slick ergonomic control-panel the C60 mini-dumper is a cinch to operate.

Its fully hydrostatic control system works by releasing hydraulic fluids through pumps, so there are no belts, chains or pulley systems to go wrong. This results in low maintenance and a lower cost of ownership than comparable non-hydrostatic tracked dumpers.

We provide deferred payment plans on this product

Challenges on the Job
  • Job sites with narrow access and obstructions
  • Uneven terrain, loose surfaces, mud or debris
  • Maximising equipment use and crew productivity
  • Lifting materials into tall skips and trucks
  • Avoiding downtime due to equipment failure
Solution Benefits
  • Tracked-dumper with the highest tip reach
  • Greater tip clearance is easier for operator
  • Up to 600 kg and 0.28 cubic metres capacity
  • Amazing stability on all terrain including mud
  • Stable on 20-degree hills, 10-degree side-slopes
  • Fully hydrostatic transmission and controls
  • Easy to learn control and intuitive dashboard
  • Fold down ride-on platform reduces fatigue
  • Sound reducing engine cover improves comfort
  • Available with petrol or diesel engine
Machine Dimensions L 1680mm, W 695mm, H 1675mm
Engine 9Hp Honda Petrol or 7.5Hp Yanmar Diesel
Travel Speed 0-4km per hour
Load Capacity 600kg
Net Weight 535kg
High Tip Bucket 1.7m Tipping Height
Drive System Hydrostatic
Tracks Heavy Duty Rubber with Seesaw Roller

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