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Power multiple single- and three-phase tools from a compact, portable 16kVA 240/415V generator

The 16kVA 240/415V generator is a compact, highly portable solution for powering any combination single phase 240V tools and 415V three phase tools such as floor grinding, welders, air compressors, brick saws, and for other power applications in the flooring and construction industries.

No more waiting for someone to rig-up 415V three phase power from the mains. With standard 240V and three phase outlets provided, you can plug in your equipment and get to work, without delay. And at only 156kg in weight the generator is easy to lift on and off the back of a your truck or equipment trailer.

The 16kVA 240/415V is designed for ease-of-use and convenience. For example it allows simultaneous operation of single phase and three phase equipment at the same time. There is no fiddling around with voltage selectors. Simply plug in your equipment to the correctly matched socket and go.

Our advanced alternators use rare-earth magnets and brushless magnetic flux technology which requires fewer electronic components. And this results in more power from a smaller package than comparable generators.

Four large wheels and pushing handles make it a cinch to move the generator from one work area to the next around your job site without the hazard, inconvenience and power loss you get with long power cables.

Top reasons for choosing Makinex generators
  • All Makinex products are designed and built to endure the rigors of the rental market.
  • Advanced alternator tech saves 15% fuel versus similar generators using the same engine.
  • Makinex stands behind its products with technical support, servicing and spares.
  • Designed for maximum convenience and ease for concrete, masonry and flooring pros.

Challenges on the Job
  • Access to 3 phase and single phase power source
  • Delays, waiting for 3-phase 415V power hook-up
  • Getting the required outlets close to your work
  • 3-phase 415V in a simple plug and play format
Solution Benefits
  • Highly portable, 3-phase 16kVA 240/415V generator
  • 3-phase and single phase outlets on same machine
  • Runs light and heavy duty equipment all together
  • Reliable Honda GX690 4-stroke petrol engine
  • Comes with 3 year warranty
  • High frequency and induction load gear compatible
Voltage 240V Single Phase; 415V Three Phase
Frequency 50HZ
Max output 13,000W / 16kVA
Rated output 12,500W
Rated power factor 0.8
Max Amps single phase 15A @ 240V
Max Amps three phase 19A @ 415V 3Θ
Sockets provided 2 X 15A Single phase + 1 X 20/32A 3-phase sockets both with RCBO protection
Dry weight 155kg
Noise level (7m) NO LOAD - 72dB
Engine type Twin cylinder Air Cooled Petrol
Engine model Honda GX690
Starting system Key Start
Displacement 688CC
Fuel economy 4.9 L/h @ 50% LOAD
Fuel tank 34 Liters
Dimensions 773mm (L) x 530mm (W) x 902mm (H)

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