Cutting or Coring? Power it with a Makinex Generator!

Concrete cutting and coring are industries for which Makinex have created many products that provide efficient and effective solutions for getting the job done.

Makinex Construction Products are all about innovating and manufacturing products that provide solutions to key areas of the construction industry.

Two such products are the 10 and 16kVA Generator. These products add great innovative value for these applications by providing the following features:

  • Dual phase simultaneous power supply capability
  • Portability and maneuverability
  • Small footprint that will fit onto Utes or small trailers
  • Compatibility with high frequency product applications
  • Parallel option capability to provide greater variability in power output
  • The Makinex compact Generators have been synonymous in the concrete cutting industry for around 3 years now and have a strong following, across many of the global brands in the market, as a reliable, economic and innovative solution to site accessible power.

    Learn more about the Makinex Generator Ranger HERE


    Read more about our Generators in the Concrete Drilling and Sawing Association’s On Line Newsletter, E Cutter HERE

    Concrete Cutters and Concrete Core Drillers need water!

    No water means no concrete cutting!

    John Ford Concreting were frustrated with not being able to get a constant pressure water supply for their concrete cutting services when they landed on site. Makinex introduced them to their constant pressure portable water supply unit, the Hose2Go which solved this frustration.

    Water was difficult to access when on site

    John and his team sometimes found that when they arrived on site, they didn’t have access to a reliable water supply for their concrete cutting tools. Without water, they couldn’t get on with the job of cutting concrete and this meant they wasted a lot of time trying to find a solution.

    How can I get a portable water supply?

    They decided they needed to find a portable constant pressure water supply unit that provided them with water where and when they need it.

    While researching their options they came across the Makinex Hose2Go, a portable water supply unit that provides up to 30 minutes of constant pressure water supply for concrete cutting and coring tools.

    John says, “… in addition to ensuring my team are never without water for their tools, the Hose2Go has reduced sludge entering the environment due to the user’s ability to control the water pressure from the Hose2Go. “

    John also mentioned the Hose2Go is great for its ability to mitigate silica dust which ensures I have another way of looking after the wellbeing of my team.”

    Solution: Portable water supply

    So, there you have it:

    1. Portable water supply
    2. Reducing construction waste
    3. and mitigating Silica dust

    are three great reasons to use the Hose2Go if you are in the business of concrete cutting and/or core drilling.

    Please visit our Hose2Go product page for more details or email us to get a quote or ask a question.

    Why suppress concrete dust when cutting or core drilling?

    Why suppressing concrete dust is important

    Would I be right in assuming that many concrete cutters and core drillers reading this would feel dust is simply part of the game when doing your job?

    If it is, I’m sure you’re not alone.

    Yet for me, it’s the potential life-threatening implications of concrete dust (Silica) that would make it a top priority for me to change this way of thinking.

    What is Silica?

    Worksafe QLD recently released a report on Silica and how important it is to manage exposure to it.

    This is how they define Silica;

    “Silica is present in the aggregate added to concrete, in asphalt, bricks, concrete, concrete and terracotta tiles and pavers, in sandstone and in granite. Small amounts are present in cement. Silica can be released if using power tools to cut fibre cement sheeting. During the cutting, grinding or drilling process, the mineral is broken into fine dust which is referred to as silica dust.”

    What is the risk?

    As the total dose of Silica increases, so does the risk for developing silicosis, lung cancer, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).   Some workers become ill after many years of low exposure levels, while other workers who perform less frequent but high exposure tasks can become ill with a lower cumulative exposure.  Why?  Because a high exposure to silica dust overwhelms the lungs’ defenses and most of the dust settles deep into the lungs which is where it does the most damage.

    How can I reduce my exposure to Silica?


    If you’re exposed to concrete dust as a concrete cutter or core driller, then  there are some simple steps you can take to minimise your ongoing exposure to Silica dust.

    • Contain – keep the dust contained to the area where you’re working
    • Ventilation – when the dust can’t be contained within a certain work space, then provide some form of ventilation system that will prevent it spreading and contaminating other parts of the workplace
    • Suppression – use water to suppress the spread of the dust.

    The three steps detailed above are simple guidelines you can follow to maintain the safety of yourself and those who you work with.

    For information on how Makinex can help you minimise exposure to Silica dust in your job, contact us or check out the dust suppression tool on our website.

    Please ensure you consult with a medical professional to gain advice into your individual circumstances.

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