Makinex Challenges the Hire Industry

HIRE22, the country’s only national trade show for the Hire industry, was held from the 25 – 26 May in Adelaide, SA. So much has changed and yet so much has stayed the same, 2022 showed that the Hire Industry is ready to come out and play.

HIRE22, the country’s only national trade show for the Hire industry, was held from the 25 – 26 May in Adelaide, SA. It was a huge success, bringing together hire and rental business owners, managers and staff from around the country. It is clear that the Hire industry is thriving and there was an eagerness to learn about anything and everything new in the market.

For Makinex the event is always one where new products are unveiled to gauge industry feedback. This year was no exception, with a clear and determined focus on renewable energy options. “The move generally is to implement more sustainable options across the construction industry, and we’re keen to test this attitude within Hire,’ says National Sales Manager, Stuart Reynolds. ‘We aren’t saying you must transition to alternative solutions now, but we’re asking the question ‘What is your plan?”.

“The move generally is to implement more sustainable options across the construction industry, and we’re keen to test this attitude within Hire.”

National Sales Manager, Stuart Reynolds

Makinex is known for supplying a range of portable and compact generators that remain, even now in high demand. However, more and more technology is being developed that is shifting away from fossil fuels. “The global economic environment has changed dramatically with price hikes and supply shortages across the board, but diesel fuel pricing is crippling businesses and there is no option but to look for ways to save,” says Managing Director, Paul Weaver.

Traditional power is generated with a Diesel generator on the left, vs. a portable battery power box on the right.

At HIRE22, Makinex had significant interest shown in its new prototype Portable Power Box (PPB), a single phase 5 kVA power source capable of providing 4000 W continuously. The PPB is an acknowledgement of this global shift to sustainable power and the first of a wider range of battery products.

The Hybrid Power System (HPS) was another Makinex innovation-leading product showcased, combining solar panels, high capacity batteries and a backup diesel generator. It is capable of providing reliable, sustainable power to remote areas or anywhere that relies on diesel generator power. The HPS starts from a 10 kVa model and extends up to 60 kVa, depending on the job requirements.

Managing Director, Paul Weaver had this to say about Makinex’s continued efforts toward innovation, “We always try to challenge traditional thinking and traditional work methods and HPS shows that we can apply that thinking to any industry or application. With HPS, customers are seeing as high as a 95% reduction in diesel fuel consumption, which is just an amazing result.”

HPS is at the cutting edge of renewable, consistent power to remote locations or where mains power is unavailable.
HPS (pictured right) powers construction site sheds and communications.

Over the two days, HIRE22 gave Makinex and all its Exhibitors a rich environment to network and keep in touch with industry developments. It demonstrated that the industry is on the lookout for sustainable, cost-saving product solutions that break the historical dependency on fossil fuels. Right now, renewable energy is so much more accessible and as Stuart Reynolds questioned earlier, “what is your plan?”

The Hire & Rental Industry Association is to be congratulated for putting on such a successful event.

Makinex Parallel Box successfully providing power to the concrete grinding and polishing industry!


Until recently, concrete grinders and polishers only had the choice of Pantech or Trailer Mount generators to power their machines and these options don’t always provide power to where you need it.

Makinex has recently launched the innovative Makinex Parallel Box that works in conjunction with Makinex Generators to provide machines with 20kva to 32kVA of power for where and when you need it.

Problem Solving

A key challenge for work sites can be restricted and/or tight access and large stationary generators don’t have the flexibility to move around to where you need power.

In addition to this, you want to be able to transport and park all your machinery so it’s easily accessible and hence a compact power supply is crucial.

The Makinex Research and Development (R&D) team recognised the industry needed another larger kVA generator option which was compact and portable.

Nathan from Makinex R&D had this to say; “We wanted to create a power source that could service heavy duty equipment. This power source needed to be flexible, be generally less expensive than larger units to buy, transport and store as well as being highly portable.”

This led to the creation of the Makinex Generator range and Makinex Parallel Box.

This video shows how the Makinex Parallel Box combines the power from 10kVA and 16kVA to operate a 3 phase concrete grinder and single phase dust extractor.


Commercial photography of Makinex machines and parts for product catalogue


Makinex Generators are the most compact and portable power supply systems available in today’s market ensuring you have power where and when you need it.

They’re available in 6kVA, 10kVA and 16kVA and contain the revolutionary Magnetic Flux Technology which provides less than 3% harmonic sinewave distortion.

Commercial photography of Makinex machines and parts for product catalogue

The innovative Makinex Parallel Box enables you to combine the power of the Makinex 10kVA and 16kVA generators in any configuration generating between 20-32kVA with any single and/or 3 phase outputs.

Comprehensive field testing with the Makinex Generator range has proven its ability to respond to varying power loads over long periods of time for a range of both large and small machines.


The Makinex Generator range and Makinex Parallel Box provides you with a portable power supply that can withstand variable loads over long-running periods for an extensive range of leading brands.


To find out more, contact or visit us at

Interview at World of Concrete – Makinex Hose 2 Go

Last week the Makinex team exhibited at The World Of Concrete event in Las Vegas.

We were exhibiting a number of products including

Hose 2 Go, Powered Hand Truck,Generator Range, Dual Pressure Washer, Jackhammer Trolley and Mixing Station.









Rory Kennard – Makinex CEO had the pleasure of being interviewed by For Construction Pros – where he talks about the Hose 2 Go and how it is an idea product for the concrete industry supplying a constant flow of water that allows you to suppress dust when cutting, core drilling and grinding concrete.

The Hose 2 Go is a constant pressure water supply unit.

It is so simple:

  • No pump which mean greater reliability
  • No complicated electronics to breakdown
  • No battery to go flat and expensive replacements
  • No need to manually pump to get the water pressure you need.

If you would like a demo or to request a quote – just get in touch

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