New features improve the versatility of the Makinex Powered Hand Truck

At Makinex, we listen to our customers!

As a result we’ve created some great new features for our Powered Hand Truck that will enhance it’s versatility in providing you with greater efficiencies and safety in your day to day.

Rough Surface Wheels

Larger wheels make the Powered Hand Truck better suited to rough and uneven surfaces.

Extendable Nose

Improve your reach and lift with an additional 180mm in length added to the nose of the Powered Hand Truck.

Self Closing Hook

A New Self Closing Hook provides additional security as it self closes around the product at 40kgs.

Auto Cut Off Switch

The Auto Cut Off Switch turns the Powered Hand Truck off after 20 minutes to avoid forgetting to power down the device manually and prevents draining the battery.

For further details on this great range, download our Flyer HERE.

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