Makinex Stand Alone Power Systems (SAPS)

Makinex Stand Alone Power Systems (SAPS) is a versatile and advanced off grid power system which will provide gridlike electricity in areas where grid power is unavailable or for directly replacing expensive or unreliable grid power.

The newly developed and customisable system consists of roof or ground mounted solar panels, a battery bank to store energy, an integrated backup diesel generator and an inverter to act as an interface between the different inputs.

The system uses Australian built generators, is portable, easy to deploy and store, and offers significant fuel and servicing savings as well as reduced emissions and noise on site.

Makinex CEO, Rory Kennard describes the system as a steel-framed, standalone power system with fold out solar panels with generator, batteries and inverter in an all-in-one rapid deployment skid unit. SAPS is available in different sizes so is easily customizable; from 10kVA, 20kVA and 45kVA.

“It takes about five minutes to deploy on site and as soon as it is turned on, there is no noise,’ Rory said. “The solar panels provide power for day use and at night, the generator kicks in to boost the batteries. “Once the batteries are charged again, the generator turns off again. “Our Goal is to reduce diesel generator use by up to 90%. This will reduce servicing costs, because the generator will run for far less time and at the same time improve generator life. It’s a 10 year design life,” Rory said. “SAPS provides access to clean and green energy and reduces need for costly alternatives to power supply in difficult locations from the electricity grid,” Rory said. “The SAPS unit will supply people looking for that green tick for their events or their job site.

For events, SAPS offers reduced noise and reduced diesel fumes. If event organisers or site managers want to run a system non-stop for four days without a generator, then we simply upspec the system to cope with expected demand. SAPS has been in development for about three years. Rory said initially the original idea was to battrify construction sites; to offer battery packs for power tools on sites. But it evolved.

Makinex SAPS overcomes traditional power challenges including: managing power supply without access to electricity grid in remote areas; high maintenance costs of poles/wires for electricity providers to supply power to remote areas. It also means challenges where traditional long lengths of poles/ wires are much more likely to get affected by bushfires, lightning strikes etc are no longer an issue. Major benefits of SAPS means events and site users will have lower vulnerability to weather events, and will ensure reliability issues are localised. “SAPS will reduce electricity outage rimes for customers and costs for network businesses. “Plus the status of the SAP system can be easily monitored and controlled locally or remotely.”

While Rory concedes SAPS is more expensive as a start-up unit, the cost savings over time from lower diesel usage and servicing costs plus the extended expected generator life will outweigh the initial set-up cost, he said.

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