Welcome to our new partner!

PowerVac becomes a Makinex partner

Makinex would like to welcome PowerVac as our newest cleaning industry partner based in WA.

PowerVac is WA’s leading supplier and service agent for quality cleaning equipment and supplies.

They will be ranging the Makinex Dual Pressure Washer 4000 and 2500 and we look forward to supplying PowerVac so they can help their customers clean large surface areas efficiently and safely!

Improve Operational Efficiencies!

In this months edition of Flooring Magazine, Makinex shared an article on how to improve operational efficiencies!

It’s all about efficiency!

Makinex are passionate about inventing and manufacturing products that increase productivity and provide faster, easier and safer ways to get difficult jobs done.

One such product is the Dual Pressure Washer, a hard surface pressure cleaner that combines a rotary and wand in the one machine.

To learn more, read the full article here.

Operator fatigue reduces safety and efficiency in hard surface cleaning!

Hard surface cleaning is a physically demanding job and can lead to several health-related issues.

Operator fatigue is a major challenge because of the pushing, pulling and lifting of heavy and awkward mechanical equipment. Shift work is commonly associated with cleaning and can exacerbate the feelings of fatigue.

What is the impact of operator fatigue?

Feeling tired can result in reducing your reaction time and a decrease in productivity.

You want to achieve a great result for your client yet you’re feeling tired due to back to back shifts. As a result, your ability to produce a great job maybe limited and so too is the potential positive word of mouth.

To ensure you stay at the top of your game, there are a few strategies which can help mitigate the impact of operator fatigue including;

  • Take a break – You may save time and money in the short term by not taking a break but using machinery that is tough on your body without regular breaks can lead to substantial problems in the long run
  • Protect yourself – Head, hearing, eyes and face, hand and foot protection are essential protection items
  • Thorough training – train employees to make them aware of the potential dangers of pressure cleaning and how to navigate them safely. Don’t rush this process as you run the risk of missing out key pieces of information can lead to mistakes
  • Machine maintenance and inspections – without a pressure cleaning machine, you can’t do your job so make sure you look after them. In doing so you limit the risk to the operator and those around him. Make sure you schedule in regular service and maintenance checks.

Makinex Construction products are proud of the innovative range of products they’ve have created which assist in managing some key areas of safety and efficiency within the construction industry.

What products help minimise operator fatigue?

One such product is the Makinex Dual Pressure Washer (DPW) which is a hard surfaces pressure cleaner that combines a rotary and wand in the one machine and enables the user to swap between them at the turn of a handle.

The dual functions of the Makinex Dual Pressure Washer enable users to clean a variety of hard surfaces in a safe and efficient manner. The push behind functionality and rubber mounts reduce vibration providing the user with a comfortable and stress-free operating experience.

This is what Scott from Kangaroo Courts Australia had to say about the Makinex DPW;

“The way a court falls means you’re constantly having to swap between the rotary and pressure wand to clear away the dirty water. The fact the Makinex DPW has both functions on the one machine, has enabled to complete the jobs I do 30% faster!”

To learn more about the Makinex Dual Pressure Washer visit: https://www.makinex.com.au/products/dual-pressure-washer-4000psi.

If you follow the tips and advice from the professionals to rest, protect, train and maintain then you will limit your exposure to the potential pitfalls of operator to fatigue and can rest assured you’re doing everything you can to maintain the safety of yourself and those around you.

For more insights on how to work safely and efficiently, download our ebook here

Take the pressure out of Pressure Washing

Spring is in the air and for many of us that means doing the big pressure washing jobs around the house.

Some of the jobs which maybe on your list are cleaning mildew from the fence and pressure washing the driveway.

If these jobs aren’t on your list, they’re definitely on mine!

Whenever I have big jobs to tackle such as pressure washing a driveway, I always think to myself…how can I achieve the BEST results in the most efficient way?

One product I know that can definitely help clean your driveway and fence so they sparkle is the Makinex Dual Pressure Washer.

This is an awesome product as it not only has a wand for all your pressure washer cleaning such as mildew removal but it also features a powerful rotary cleaner that will make chew through the grime on your driveway like there is no tomorrow.

And the best bit…it’s all in the one machine.

Swapping between these two functions is as easy as turning a handle.

I’ve mentioned two surfaces you may wish to clean within this article but really the list is endless….and sadly so are the cleaning jobs!

If you would like some more information on the Makinex Dual Pressure Washer, please contact us on ph: 1300 795 953 or email: sales@makinex.com.au

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