Tight access excavation

One of the biggest challenges in construction and in design is how equipment, specially the type of equipment performing initial and succeeding excavations will be able to penetrate project sites with very little or narrow passageways. This is a growing concern for contractors and engineers alike, since growing population, especially in urban areas, have allowed land and building owners to construct extensions and improvements within their perimeter; therefore, making worksite more tight access.

Structures that are located inwards or rather in the middlemost part of the city block or street have the difficult test of going through a lot of obstacles before commencement of construction project becomes possible. Smaller, compact and equally efficient is the answer. That is where equipment such as mini-excavators and mini-dumpers come in play.

Makinex has been the exclusive distributor of the market leading Italian manufactured Cormidi mini-tracked dumpers for over 14 years now.

Makinex understands you need a small compact dumper that allows you to access narrow and tight work sites, and that being able to manoeuvre on rough terrain makes your job easier and faster, and ultimately allows you to give a better service to your customers.

Phil Gredig from Intelligent Construction Solutions Pty Ltd and his sons use machinery that adds value to their business and allows them to quote on jobs other builders would have to pass on due to hard working and access conditions.

Their most recent job in Beecroft Sydney has a small access point with a 20-degree ramp to the worksite. With 400 tonnes of bricks to move, working without their Cormidi 50 named “Sampson” would be almost impossible.

Phil explained that “Sampson” has now become an integral member of the team, allowing them to move 8 tonnes per hour.

Phil says, “Intelligent Construction Solutions couldn’t function as a business without the Cormidi 50. It is the most valuable piece of equipment they have and is used on 99 per cent of jobs.”

All Cormidi Dumpers are hydrostatic, offering a low cost of ownership for customers, meaning no belts, chains or pulleys to repair.

Makinex stocks a complete range from 400kg to 1200kg in high or low tip and petrol or diesel versions.

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Soil removal for tight access excavation

As professional excavators, you understand a big part of the process is the removal of soil which is time consuming, expensive and hard work.

Adding to this are sites becoming more difficult to access as property development evolves to meet the rising population and housing demand. Gone are the days where site access was easy and housing blocks were spacious. Houses are being tightly compacted into smaller blocks making it more difficult for builders to access the backyard.

As Brian Holloway from Brian’s Tight Access excavations said, “Space between houses used to be 1200mm but now access is limited to only 800m. …making it even more difficult to remove the soil in a fast and efficient manner”.

So, what are the options?

You could spend loads of time and money having guys wheelbarrow the soil day or you could or invest in a machine that can help you move soil more efficiently which is precisely what Brian did.

Many years ago Brian purchased his first Cormidi mini Dumper from Makinex.

At just 700mm wide, It’s a perfect machine for tight access work with a tipping point of 1.45m. This enables you to tip straight into skip bins, utes and 3 to 5 tonne trucks.

The Result?

Because of his investment into Cormidi, Brian has developed a reputation for himself as a cost-effective specialist in excavating within tight access residential properties saving time and money which has created many happy customers along the way.

“One of our dumpers is 1000mm so we invested in two Cormidi 60’s, which are only 700mm wide. It’s an essential asset for us as the blocks are getting smaller, and some even have two houses on only 450sqm.” Every millimetre is precious when maneuvering between houses, making the Cormidi Dumpers a real asset to Brian’s business.

Stuart and Rob will be at Diesel Dirt and Turf this year showcasing the Cormidi range of dumpers so come and have look! They will be at Stand 1A and will have some fun things to keep the kids busy while you talk shop!

Alternatively, if you would like us to tell you more or conduct a demonstration on how a Cormidi can help maximise your excavating efficiency, call 1300 795-953 or contact us here.

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