The Compliant & Safer Storage Solution For Your Power Tools/Batteries & Other Equipment – Mobile Charge Pod

Makinex has been designing original, award-winning tools and equipment for the flooring, construction, and landscaping industries since 2004. In collaboration with Lendlease, we have recently developed a mobile powered cabinet allowing contractors on a construction site to charge/store their power tools, batteries and other equipment while being compliant to Australian safety standards and reducing onsite electrical work risk & theft.

What is the OHS/WHS risk?

Noncompliance with electrical installations safety standard AS/NZS 3012 & AS/NZS 3000 on construction sites. Makinex witnessed that a lot of construction & demolition sites were not being compliant with electrical installations. Particularly when it comes to charging cordless tools with traditional power boards.

Charging batteries/tools on construction sites is often accompanied with multiple extension leads being connected to the switch board, and battery chargers congesting access to the switchboard. This not only makes access to the switch board inconvenient but also poses a serious safety hazard. According to Australian standards for electrical installations, adequate space of 1 m minimum should be provided as an exclusion zone around closed switchboards for ease of accessibility, testing, maintenance, and repair.

The solution

Makinex has developed Mobile Charge Pod that allows contractors on a construction site to safely store cordless tools batteries and chargers while charging their batteries. It has 6 lockers that are large enough for the large battery bank chargers which effectively eradicates all safety hazards associated with traditional onsite switchboards.

With a protected GPO for each locker, these GPOs are positioned such that the plugs are outside of the locker to enable safety inspectors and others to inspect tags on the electrical equipment. Each locker has large holes in the doors that can be used for easy visual inspection and air ventilation. Its double pole switch complies with Portable socket outlet assemblies (PSOA) standard AS/NZS 3012.

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