The value proposition of compact, portable generators

The prime principles of High Frequency in concrete cutting & drilling is to give greater efficiency, reduce weight & footprint, provide better performance & a longer life cycle of your equipment.

With High Frequency compatibility there is a need for the power source to produce no more than 4% harmonic distortion to minimize adverse reaction from capacitors, external drives, inverters, transformers & motors and to maintain cooling and reduce overload.

Makinex has developed the Compact Portable range with these requirements in mind and as such can deliver less than 3% total harmonic distortion (THD).

The initial product was a 10kva unit which is ideal for basic HF saws and then evolved to our 16kva unit. We have now completed development and testing of the 23kva and 32kva options and these units are coming out of production September/October 2020.

As it is, with the innovation of greater power to weight ratio and smaller footprint concrete & cutting equipment, the need has also arisen for the evolution of remote power source to also follow that path.

This allows for greater logistical efficiency in portability and manoeuvrability and thus provide better cost to return ratio as less need for grid hard wiring, large trailer or trucks for transport and the ability to utilise internal/external elevators, doorways, hallways.

The Makinex Compact Portable range of generators has evolved to give solution and benefit to this issue.

From 10kva through to 32kva, these units can now be ramp or winch/tailgate loaded and fit through a 760 x 550mm opening with a maximum weight of 380kg including fuel.

With the increased density in cities and large towns, the trend is geared toward minimal access, council compliance and vehicle parking/access restrictions.

It is thus, time spent on getting a remote power source to site and compliant with where the leads are run, is becoming an increasing issue.

The Makinex Compact Power range of generators is designed to offset these issues and reduce this non-productive time.

These generators can fit up to 64kva in a one tonne van along with other equipment.

To determine if the Makinex Compact Generator is of value to your business, contact us.

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